Massage and Wellness - Comprehensive Wellness Package's
Get back on track to better health. De-stress, eat well and feel great! We develop individual wellness plans for professionals, and people wanting support along the way to better health and a happier lifestyle.

What to expect in a free consultation?
Something feels out of whack and need to talk to a nutritionist for advise. I have a simple approach for health issues, and that is natural whole foods herb and spices.  You want to heal, and you don't know where to start?. So you call and describe the way you feel. I will ask you a series of question that give us a better idea how to get things started with your journey to being healthy and feeling better.

From the list of healing modalities I offer, we can put together a complete plan covering three basic healing modalities- Nutrition, Yoga Exercise, and Massage. Maybe you just want to experience the nutrition plan & and yoga, to lose weight, or you want to try massage and nutrition for relaxation, and a calming diet. What ever suits your health needs for the month, it's up to you!

 But I recommend the Trifecta! All three modalities to get the perfect jump start all at once! But most importantly you won't be alone. I coach each of my clients to get them through the month, and to keep focused on their wellness journey. Expect weekly phone calls to get through it! If not I will be seeing you in my office. So depending on which package you choose will determine how many trips to my office.

The Wellness Trifecta :

Over The Phone Nutrition  Counseling
Includes one trip to Whole Foods Market, or Herb store, nutrition- meal planning for weight loss, or more energy, with whole foods organic choices of food for the month. We will teach you how to make healthy substitutes for the food you already like.

Massage-, Chi Nei Tsang- every two weeks or depending upon needs

Call for a free consultation and the wellness package's that best suit your whole body needs


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