Hand Crafting Massage Oils That Make Your Body Tingle

Three Essential Oils That Make Your Body Tingle When Used With  Base Oils 

There is a reason why you want to use massage oils that make your body tingle, for one you know that the blood is going to the outer surface of you skin to invigorate the upper fascia layers of the skin, making your skin look alive, but also making you look and feel fantastic.

This review gives you three  natural essential oils to add to natural oil for massage treatments, producing three different effects.

 Often essential oils are combined having a multi- layered effect, wrapping the body in sensual feelings, while giving the senses a bouquet of aromas that stimulate the olfactory glands http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Olfactory+glands for a delicious feeling of well being and delight.

But I also recommend  using essential oils separately, because each oil has an entirely different medicinal effect on the body. These three selections are known for their in-livening and stimulating, and calming effect, while one will wake up your body, and one will put you to sleep, and one will take the muscle pain away. Are you ready? Let's get started!

I will give you three recipes for massage oils that will make you body feel and look alive to use on your partner and for self massage and healing.

 Start of with a simple base oil of Canola oil , you may also use- The following Oils (from Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.
Health concerns about canola oil that are being circulated on the Internet are unfounded).

Grape seed oil- antioxidant , rich in bioflavonoids: helps maintain ph. balance of the skin

Sesame Seed oil - high in linoleic acid: moisturizing: easily absorbed into the skin

Sunflower Seed Oil - contains natural vitamin E ; antioxidant

Wheat germ Oil- high in vitamin E; natural antioxidant useful for reducing scar tissue and stretch marks. acts as a preservative

Vitamin E Oil- natural antioxidant; protects and promotes regeneration of the skin.

  • Where to get essential oils and base Oils ?.
  • Make sure you use quality essential oils and base oils
  • Oils go right into your blood stream to treat your system try a little on your skin first to see if your allergic
  • The largest organ of your body is your Skin! that's why it's so important to put only natural ingredients on your skin
I go to whole food Market, www.wholefoodsmarket.com  and get the plastic bottles to store my oils in, but if you are a purest  get the blue glass bottles with the pump they are dark and good for storing and keeping your oil fresh.

 My oils never last to long, because they are in constant use, and when you use my recipes people will keep coming back for more massage.

You can also find some essential oils at Whole Foods Market, however you can also go online  and get oils or when your in Berkeley Ca  use Lhasa Karnak, www.herb-inc.com , they have an extensive selection of  essentials oils and base oils
http://www.squidoo.com/making-your-with-massage-oil-with-top-3-essentials  products from Amazon.
The Essential Oils

Rosemary essential Oil.- long known for it's invigorating qualities is also an herb for burning in your home for memory, and used to this day in of Greece for students studying. The volatile oil is an analgesic and stimulant when applying to the skin. It's a warming herb that stimulates memory and the blood in your body. It can be applied to the back of the head for migraine headaches. That's why it's such a good massage oil, it's fab for brain circulation.

 Mix 6 drops to  four ounce bottle of massage oil. Used on the head it's good to stimulate the hair follicles. Natural hair shampoo that's  another discussion for a Blog sense using this remedy I've had a healthy scalp, never having dandruff.

Lavender Oil, This gem of an oil is a relaxing, re-leaving muscle spasms. It's an antidepressant, an antiseptic, and antibacterial. Like Rosemary, Lavender stimulates blood flow, but milder. When used in the evening in a massage oil or in a sachet pillow it will put you right to sleep. You may also put a couple of drops in our bath water, so breathe deep. I like to put it right on burns, it heals it right away, reduces scaring, can use pure Lavender oil right on skin,  it's so soothing.

 Put several drops in your base oil for a calming massage

Birch Oil a French medicinal oil used for rheumatism, muscular pain cramps arthritis, tendinitis, hypertension , and inflammation. Birch oil is also good for cleansing and draining the lymphatic system, other uses are: healing edema, reducing fever, and discomfort in the joints. Add a couple of drops to 4 ounces of massage base oil.

These are three essential oils for many massage uses. I hope you enjoy them.

Peace and love

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