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Friday, September 20, 2013

Full Comprehensive Wellness Package's
Get back on track to better health. De-stress, eat well and feel great! We develop individual wellness plans for professionals, and people wanting support along the way to better health and a happier lifestyle.

What to expect in a free consultation?
Something feels out of whack or you wouldn't be calling. You want to heal, and you don't know where to start?. So you call and describe the way you feel. We will ask you a series of question that give us a better idea how to get things started with your journey to being healthy and feeling better.

From the list of healing modalities we offer, we can put together a complete plan covering three basic healing modalities- Nutrition, Yoga Exercise, and Massage. Maybe you just want to experience the nutrition plan & and yoga, to lose weight, or you want to try massage and nutrition for relaxation, and a calming diet. What ever suits your health needs for the month, it's up to you!

 But I recommend the Trifecta! All three modalities to get the perfect jump start all at once! But most importantly you won't be alone. I coach each of my clients to get them through the month, and to keep focused on their wellness journey. Expect weekly phone calls to get through it! If not I will be seeing you in my office. So depending on which package you choose will determine how many trips to my office.

The Wellness Trifecta :

Yoga Sessions -One private lesson per week working on individual physical needs.

Over The Phone Nutrition Counseling
Includes one trip to Whole Foods Market, or Herb store, nutrition- meal planning for weight loss, or more energy, with whole foods organic choices of food for the month. We will teach you how to make healthy substitutes for the food you already like.

Massage-Therapeutic Massage-Shiatsu, Acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang-every two weeks or depending upon needs. Au-shiatsu (Massage with feet) Discounts with massage depend on number of visits per month.

Call for a free consultation and the wellness package's that best suit your whole body needs
510-863-0394-Yoga Healing Spring

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hand Crafting Massage Oils That Make Your Body Tingle

Three Essential Oils That Make Your Body Tingle When Used With  Base Oils 

There is a reason why you want to use massage oils that make your body tingle, for one you know that the blood is going to the outer surface of you skin to invigorate the upper fascia layers of the skin, making your skin look alive, but also making you look and feel fantastic.

This review gives you three  natural essential oils to add to natural oil for massage treatments, producing three different effects.

 Often essential oils are combined having a multi- layered effect, wrapping the body in sensual feelings, while giving the senses a bouquet of aromas that stimulate the olfactory glands for a delicious feeling of well being and delight.

But I also recommend  using essential oils separately, because each oil has an entirely different medicinal effect on the body. These three selections are known for their in-livening and stimulating, and calming effect, while one will wake up your body, and one will put you to sleep, and one will take the muscle pain away. Are you ready? Let's get started!

I will give you three recipes for massage oils that will make you body feel and look alive to use on your partner and for self massage and healing.

 Start of with a simple base oil of Canola oil , you may also use- The following Oils (from Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.
Health concerns about canola oil that are being circulated on the Internet are unfounded).

Grape seed oil- antioxidant , rich in bioflavonoids: helps maintain ph. balance of the skin

Sesame Seed oil - high in linoleic acid: moisturizing: easily absorbed into the skin

Sunflower Seed Oil - contains natural vitamin E ; antioxidant

Wheat germ Oil- high in vitamin E; natural antioxidant useful for reducing scar tissue and stretch marks. acts as a preservative

Vitamin E Oil- natural antioxidant; protects and promotes regeneration of the skin.

  • Where to get essential oils and base Oils ?.
  • Make sure you use quality essential oils and base oils
  • Oils go right into your blood stream to treat your system try a little on your skin first to see if your allergic
  • The largest organ of your body is your Skin! that's why it's so important to put only natural ingredients on your skin
I go to whole food Market,  and get the plastic bottles to store my oils in, but if you are a purest  get the blue glass bottles with the pump they are dark and good for storing and keeping your oil fresh.

 My oils never last to long, because they are in constant use, and when you use my recipes people will keep coming back for more massage.

You can also find some essential oils at Whole Foods Market, however you can also go online  and get oils or when your in Berkeley Ca  use Lhasa Karnak, , they have an extensive selection of  essentials oils and base oils  products from Amazon.
The Essential Oils

Rosemary essential Oil.- long known for it's invigorating qualities is also an herb for burning in your home for memory, and used to this day in of Greece for students studying. The volatile oil is an analgesic and stimulant when applying to the skin. It's a warming herb that stimulates memory and the blood in your body. It can be applied to the back of the head for migraine headaches. That's why it's such a good massage oil, it's fab for brain circulation.

 Mix 6 drops to  four ounce bottle of massage oil. Used on the head it's good to stimulate the hair follicles. Natural hair shampoo that's  another discussion for a Blog sense using this remedy I've had a healthy scalp, never having dandruff.

Lavender Oil, This gem of an oil is a relaxing, re-leaving muscle spasms. It's an antidepressant, an antiseptic, and antibacterial. Like Rosemary, Lavender stimulates blood flow, but milder. When used in the evening in a massage oil or in a sachet pillow it will put you right to sleep. You may also put a couple of drops in our bath water, so breathe deep. I like to put it right on burns, it heals it right away, reduces scaring, can use pure Lavender oil right on skin,  it's so soothing.

 Put several drops in your base oil for a calming massage

Birch Oil a French medicinal oil used for rheumatism, muscular pain cramps arthritis, tendinitis, hypertension , and inflammation. Birch oil is also good for cleansing and draining the lymphatic system, other uses are: healing edema, reducing fever, and discomfort in the joints. Add a couple of drops to 4 ounces of massage base oil.

These are three essential oils for many massage uses. I hope you enjoy them.

Peace and love

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oakland Massage, Pill Hill ,Near Sutter Health Meditation and Relaxation

New Prices:
Swedish massage
$45 per hr.

Deep Tissue Sport Massage
$65 per hr.

Qi Ball- Chi Nei Tsang
 $80 per hr.
Office Hours:

Monday       8 am -6 pm
Tuesday       8 am-6 pm
Wednesday  8 am-6 pm
Thursday      8 am-6 pm
Friday          8 am-6 pm
Saturday      8 am-6 pm

Sunday with advanced notice
510*302*80*71                                         *********

Yoga Healing Springs
 Presents Meitation and Chanting Night In The Cave One Hour Long!
 Donation Based, Limited space So RSVP! For Next  Wednesday Night!
The Kundalini Yoga tradition has Many specific Chant's for Relaxing and going deep prior to meditation,breath is the key, Learn to breath and meditate guiged by Sat Siri Kaur Kundalini Yoga teacher, At Yoga Healing Spring

Monday, March 11, 2013

Chi Nei Tsang, My Personal Experience

Mantak Chia Taoist Master

 Che Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang, where the hands are used to direct the Chi (Qi) through the belly region distributing the energy throughout the body. When done properly with deep breathing, toxins and gas are expelled from the belly along with tension. The nervous system is calmed, and revitalized. Deep emotional issues are magically resolved  healing physical problems too.

 What do I mean by this! The Taoist Monks and Nuns knew a way to reach deeper issues hiding in the seat or center of the body where the major organs are, and knew how to clear toxins due to stomach congestion, and stagnant (Qi), causing mental disruption, and emotional stress. We don't truly know if one leads to the other. My teaching tells me they do coincide, tummy upset and mental stress.

 When you are fearful or upset it causes tightness, and the acid in the tummy gets churned up, the organs of the body go into over drive. If you experience fright or flight often, then  it's a rap, meaning ulcers chronic indigestion, Cronin disease,and a long list of things can happen. Being in tune with your body functions, breathing and working with the modality of Chi Nei Tsang, brings awareness to the digestive system, and one is able to work on self when noticing tension creeping in.

 What can a person do to stop this tension? Is it the food they eating? Is it their environment? Is it the way their boss speaks to them at work? The breath is the magical reset button to calm the agitation in the gut. Gut feelings can not be ignored
Consultation and Massage $80 per. Hour
10% off first visit

I have studied under Allison Post, summer work shop (2001)
and Mantak Chia, His visit to Harbin Hot Spring 2011)

Simone Myles-Young

 History and Recferences provided by Wikipidea:

Chi Nei Tsang 氣內臟 is a hands-on holistic health practice of ancient Chinese Taoist tradition, rediscovered and further developed by Chi-Kung (Qigong in Chinese Pinyin: Chi-based internal exercises and functional meditations). Master Mantak Chia and his lineage of students and practitioners support the tradition. Chi Nei Tsang involves the application of Chi-Kung in the manual treatment of the viscera (Nei-Tsang) and the deepest internal structures of the body. Following the classical Taoist model, Chi Nei Tsang simultaneously heals the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. Originally, Taoist monks and nuns practiced Chi Nei Tsang to enhance their health, detoxify their organism, and upgrade the quality of their Chi (Qi) so that they could successfully, and safely practice the highest-level spiritual meditation formulas of enlightenment. Once a practice of legendary fame at the imperial court of China and in the numerous Taoist temples across the country before the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Chi Nei Tsang has now virtually disappeared from China, along with many other Taoist practices of a spiritual nature, under the current Chinese communist ideology (Healing from Within with Chi Nei Tsang, 1999, G. Marin North Atlantic Books).
The contemporary form of Chi Nei Tsang, as being taught by Master Mantak Chia and his disciples worldwide, is deeply rooted in three different traditions: Classical Taoist Chinese Medicine, Traditional Internal Medical Thai Massage, and Western holistic medicine. The combination of these three traditions is actually congruent with the ancient Taoist philosophy of change and impermanence: The Tao meaning "the Way", "the right manner" and "the Right Way to live healthily in this place and age". With its holistic approach, its medical science coming from the depth of classical Chinese wisdom and using the precise technology of traditional Thai medical massage, Chi Nei Tsang has been able to provide deep transformative and permanent healing to the widest range of people worldwide regardless of belief system, culture or tradition.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fiber Rich Food and Water Detox

I have taken to drinking a lot of water, and here is what I do. I found a 32 ounce water bottle which I keep full during the day. And I refill it 3 times a day. Increasing water and fiber supports your body’s ability to detoxify. Simply increasing water and decreasing fats and proteins decreases toxic built up. The typical recommendation is to drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day. Philip Goglia author of “Turn up the heat, turn up the fat burning power of your metabolism“, recommends you drink one ounce of water per pound of scale weight.

Getting enough fiber is one of the basic tactics if you are a thyroid patient and want to lose weight. People who have hyperthyroidism** may benefit greatly while losing weight by increasing fiber in their food or with supplements, or both.

The combination of water and fiber will also make you feel more full, and help you overcome most cravings for food more likely to lead to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. According to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, adults should be consuming 25 grams of fiber per day. What is a fiber- rich- food Diet? It consists of vegetables

whole grains,
some cereals and fruits

are one of the best sources of water and fiber. If you don’t drink enough water the kidneys get lazy, and gives the unfinished work to the liver. Your kidneys remove wastes and water from the blood to form urine. The liver breaks down nutrients into chemical compounds so they can help your body function. The liver also works on food and drink that hurt your body, such as alcohol, and preservatives

Ample water recreates the river that carries the toxins out of the body after the kidneys and liver have done their jobs. The liver also produces bile, which is stored in the gall bladder at the top of the small intestine (the duodenum). The first job of bile is to break down fat. Water plays a very big part in washing out cholesterol, so gallstones don’t have a chance to form. However. a diet rich in fiber can help to prevent this build up of LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) in the first place.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Diet and Detox Soup Recipe

Winter is the strong Yin time of the year,  Everything wild is drawn inward, being called  back to the womb, for introspection, regeneration and healing. The two organs associated with this time of year is the Kidney and the Bladder. These two organs have the job of processing the water element in our bodies. The Bladder receives urine from the Kidney then passes it out. The Chinese believe that the bladder is the storehouse of emotions . If this organ is not functioning properly it will stress the rest of the body.

The Kidney Meridian starts at the corner of the eye and runs down the back of the head, down the neck and down the leg out to the little toe. This is the main Kidney energy channel, and if you are feeling stressed this area up and down the meridian will feel tight, and you may feel back pain. If you're  harboring suppressed emotions, you may have stiffness in the neck. So keep your back lose and flexible with yoga exercise, and eat Kidney and Bladder cleansing foods. Which I will get to in a few paragraphs.

Kidney’s filter the blood and other chemicals compounds the body from food we ingest. Several thousands of quarts of blood pass through the Kidney per day. This important organ eliminates what is not needed in the body and acts like a filter. The Chinese say the Kidney is the protector of like force energy, and is the seat of will power. Along with other organs that have the  elimination function like the Kidney are the Lungs, Large intestine, and the Skin. The Bladder and Skin work to eliminate water from the body. High blood pressure can sometimes be related to Kidney trouble also poor choices in food, such as meat, alcohol, sugary foods, and foods high in saturated fat. A diagnostic test to see how well the Kidneys are doing is the sparkle in the eye. Life force energy shows through the eyes, although the Liver is responsible for the tissue health of the eye.

The hair on the head is a good diagnostic indicator of the water element in your body. And the amount of meat, and fat eat, cause a dry hair, oily scalp, thinness and balding, because of clogged hair follicles, which leads to poor circulation of oxygen to the scalp.

Winter Diet.

Our body temple slows down during in Winter months the weather becomes cooler, and the days grow shorter. We are burning fewer calories as we sit like little curmudgeons on our couches. We grow fatter because we tend to eat more to keep our bodies warm. But you don’t have to necessarily grow bigger if you make the right food choices. Increase your food intake of complex carbohydrates which are whole grains, with good proteins, fish, lean meats ,most of all plenty of raw and steamed vegetable, some fried or sauteed foods are permissible because in the winter more than other seasons.
Because natures plants are focused on deeper parts of the roots, Root vegetables are good to eat during the the winter such as:









Yogi Bhajan of the Golden Temple, the Vegetarian cook book, says that Ginger, Onion and garlic are the holy trinity for preserving life force energy,they acts like a natural detoxifier,to heat and eliminate, ramping  up the immune system . At Yoga Healing Spring - I recommend this special Detox Soup, I'm giving you the recipe and  guaranteed to heal your body temple,  make plenty of warm soup variations with the Holy Trinity to bless and fortify the the body temple.
Holy Trinity Detox Chicken Soup for The Body Temple

Chicken Breast cubed and sautéed with (Holy trinity) Ginger, Onion, Garlic, several cloves of Garlic chopped, one Onion chopped, one healthy stalk of ginger, skinned, chopped.

Add sautéed mixture to a big pot of boiling water then add:

White potatoes cubes

Greens- Spinach, Collard, or Kale-



Any other root vegetables you can find,



Cayenne Pepper


Chicken optional.

Beats, and Beat Greens, Sea Vegetable Detoxifying Soup

Excellent detoxifying combination should clean you right out great for kidneys and liver, health, this in addition  will make you feel so good the body temple will thank you !

If you are a diabetic find out if sugar beats will raise your glycerin count… check first!

Cut and clean beats and beat greens. You may add other types of greens

to a boiling pot of water with :

shredded carrots

Algue or Algae, (dried seaweed), can get at Japanese markets or the Berkeley Bowl. Berkeley Ca,




soy Sauce

Simmer down all these ingredients until beats are soft.

After everything is sautéed throw the rest of ingredients in a pot and just let it simmer for a while… you can make a pot of brown rice or make a loaf of multi-grain bread to go along with.

Cooking whole grains in the Winter are very filling and burn very slowly. Good whole grains in the Winter are: Brown Rice, Barley, Oats, Quinoa .Grains cooked with beans such as, Mung beans, Black beans, or Lintel beans, make a complete protein. And according Mauro Moto, the Red Adzuki bean is good for the Kidneys, while black beans assist sexual functions. Ah ha.

For meat eaters in the Winter eat mostly: Fish and nuts and seeds, sunflower seed, raw . Pumpkin seeds. Flax seeds. Cows milk or goats milk can be consumed more freely in the Winter. (Hass) especially the thyroid, and the

Sea Greens (sea weed), are high in proteins and minerals, Vitamin E and A, and are particularly rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium iron iodine and other trace minerals. Sea weed stimulates hair and nail growth, and nourish the endocrine system, especially the Thyroid, and Adrenals’ These minerals can be found in Nori, Kelp Hijiki, Kambu, Dulce has the most natural Iodine and great for imbalanced thyroid. Hot flashes.

So these are my recommendations to have a healthy Winter and stay trim and keep the immune system up and the life force energy Up Up Up!!!! Let me Know the soup works for you.

Call for a Health Consultation: